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‘The Bavarian’ takes shape.

by PressOffice on Nov.13, 2011, under Dark Hour Pictures, The Bavarian

Financing is well under way for Dark Hour Pictures second movie ‘The Bavarian’

Final tweaks are being made to the script by ‘Unwelcome’ writers Smith and Barfoot. ‘The Bavarian’ is an Action/Horror film set in the Tora Bora, Afghanistan and follows the first deployment of Private Jinx Harris.

The team are being very tight lipped at the moment but when pressed, Writer/Director Stefan Smith told us the following.

‘It’s a much larger movie than Unwelcome was; it features battles in World War One, World War Two and modern day Afghanistan. It features one of the coolest bad guys/monsters for years. It’s going to be epic’.

Casting should begin in the next few weeks and we’ll keep you posted as and when we find out more details.

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Unwelcome goes live on IMDB

by admin on Mar.10, 2011, under Dark Hour Pictures, unWelcome


Click the above link to check out the page.

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Chris Rolfe Joins the Dark Hour Team.

by PressOffice on Sep.04, 2010, under Dark Hour Pictures

Dark Hour Pictures are please to welcome Producer Chris Rolfe to the Dark Hour Team. Chris has been instrumental in the post production phase of Unwelcome and will be a real asset as DHP moving forward.
Stefan Smith said ‘Chris will be able to take hold of the day to day running of the production company, helping to grow it’s music video and commercial productions as well as helping to complete ‘Unwelcome’ and start the pre-production of our follow up feature.’

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by Dark Hour Dave on Aug.09, 2010, under Dark Hour Pictures, unWelcome

Hi all.

 This is Dave and  I will be making regular updates as we progress with Unwelcome to keep everybody who follows us informed as we move along with the film. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in last months successful trip to France. The offline edit has now been taken to Pete Dobson the editor to be polished and refined while we get ready for filming the remaining scenes next week. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

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The search is on for a replacement film composer

by PressOffice on Aug.02, 2010, under Dark Hour Pictures, Stefan Smith, unWelcome

The post production of ‘Unwelcome’ suffered a major blow this evening when we were informed that the services of Dave Andrews as film composer may no longer be available. Dave has got a full work load for the upcoming months and due to the delays to the edit of Unwelcome, working together may no longer be possible.

Director Stefan Smith has said that he is absolutely gutted by the turn of events but understands that the delay has been on the part of Dark Hour and looks forward to working with Dave on up coming projects.

The Search is now on for a last minute replacement to take the movie on to the next stage. Dark Hour Pictures wishes to thank Dave for all of his time and input up to this stage and can’t wait to work with him again in the future.

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There’s 500 quid in your pocket you never knew you had…

by admin on Jul.21, 2009, under Dark Hour Pictures, unWelcome

According to research reported in today’s Scotsman, the average British family is £12 a week better off when compared to June last year.

£12 per week adds up to £624. Which isn’t going to pay for a new BMW, a place in the sun, or a new kitchen.

But it would comfortably cover a £500 stake in UnWelcome, under the innovative funding package being offered by Dark Hour Pictures, and still leave enough for two Lucky Dips on the lottery each week and a 20 quid trifacta on the dogs.

Tempted? Check out the funding pages for more information.

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Premiere Screening of ‘A Day of Violence’

by admin on Jul.16, 2009, under Dark Hour Pictures

Originally posted on 27/06/09

The grandiose glass building of Harbour Lights art house cinema, on the sea front in Southampton, this weekend hosted the premiere screening of Giallo Films latest feature film ‘A Day of Violence’. Cast and Crew where joined by other industry professionals to ensure a packed house for the screening. Dark Hour Pictures’s Stefan Smith was the Assistant Director on the classy British gangster film written and directed by Darren Ward.

Influenced by British & Italian violent crime thrillers of the 70s, and with parallels to ‘The Long Good Friday’, and Lucio Fulci’s ‘The Smuggler’ (Luca il Contrabbandiere) it weaves a dark tale of violence, life and death in the underworld.

Featuring infamous Italian horror icon & star of some of the most notorious Italian horror classics ever unleashed (House on the Edge of the Park, Cannibal Apocalypse & Cannibal Ferox) – John Morghen (Giovanni Lombardo Radice)

The cast of ‘A Day of Violence’ at the screening in Southampton.

Director Darren Ward with actor Fab Santino.

Stefan Smith with SFX Make up artist Stu Browne, Lead Actor Nick Randell and Special Effects Supervisor Alistair Vardy.

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